Kingers’s House Koramangala

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Heinrich Kitchen and Interior is an interior design company known for bringing great beauty to any section of the home. They now present Kinger’s House, a unique lacquer kitchen setting that is at par with the global standards. Stylish and practical, this lacquer kitchen has everything that is needed by any modern family.

  • The lacquer kitchen setting has sufficient storage space that always comes in handy when one needs to keep chinaware, utensils, spices, condiments as well as other cooking items.
  • The location of the stove and the faucets offer ease of access and convenience which helps to bring down the overall time needed for cooking.
  • The exteriors of the shelves and cabinets are covered with lids that are notable for their smooth finish and minimalistic shades.
  • The lights within the lacquer kitchen are placed in a way that they offer maximum illumination at all times while never seem to be imposing or loud in any way.