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Bed Room
Mirror wardrobe
Modular kitchen

sliding wardrobe

Bed Room

The room that is important for your rest and peaceful existence happens to be your bedroom. Do not clutter it extensively with numerous articles of no consequences either.

A spacious bed preferably made of wood should be the center of attention within the room while you are welcome to add a chest of drawers and a lone chair on either side of the expansive bed.

  • Do not fail to opt for a wall storage unit either with a wide base below that can double up as a writing table at times.
  • This is not a room to experiment with colors either and you need to go for neutral hues along with a hint of blue that is great for soothing a tired body.


Mirror Wardrobe

Wardrobes are in demand not because of style but because they happen to be functional. Yet it helps to install a built in wardrobe that blends with your interiors completely so that it becomes totally invisible and very much a part of the room.

  • The rich cherry red color is reminiscent of the best wooden furniture and the sliding door makes it immensely functional as all your garments can be retained within without losing the razor sharp crease that is the mark of a well dressed man.
  • Your apartment may be small but your wardrobe can make it look large and cavernous with the aid of polished mirrors fitted partly or completely on its surface that reflect the light continuously.


 Modular Kitchen

Do not hesitate to minimize your work by opting for a kitchen that is completely self-sufficient. Yes! It can be used for rustling up delicious dishes in a jiffy but having all the utensils and kitchen tools close at hand is a blessing too.

The wall space is made use of innovatively with all your necessities up there along with various brick-backs finding a place on the kitchen shelves that have been created with discretion in mind.

  • The high loft can be used as additional storage space, if you need to find more room.
  • The gas burners at one end of the L-shaped counter and the sink at the other end is also perfect for segregating the areas and preventing overlapping in a big way.


 Living Room

Your home may be small but your hearts are big indeed! This is the thought that reflect your tastes when it comes to creating a living room that has both style and functions fused together.

Do away with heavy sofas and opt for a couple of light double settees that can conveniently seat eight or more people.

  • Sure, a few carefully chosen paintings adorning the walls will help you to make your interiors a class that is difficult to duplicate easily. Invest in neat floor length curtains that can duplicate as a partition too.
  • Adding a few single seats at chosen corners will give the room a much liven in look where comfort happens to be the king instead of flashy aesthetics.


Sliding Wardrobe

Having a built in wardrobe is certainly a smart choice especially when you just cannot spare enough space to push a heavy wardrobe in. The contemporary designs assist in improving your room decor while a two contrasting colors positioned at right angles is sure to elevate the aesthetics of your interiors.

  • While a classic wooden paneling on one side is the storage where you can keep the heavy woolens and other important necessities confined, the translucent doors of the lighter one allows for a peek-a-boo effect that is enough to pique the curiosity without revealing much at all.
  • Adding a few drawers to one side is simply perfect for keeping the small items handy and hidden at the same time.