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Entertainment Unit

When it comes to defining the look and feel of the whole living room, an entertainment unit plays a very important role. Over the years, the designs of these units have evolved a great deal.

Check out a uniquely designed TV Unit created by Heinrich Kitchen and Interior.

  • This T V Unit is perfectly suited for homes that have less space. So if you have a home where you feel that the space is constrained and you yet would like to make your living room look beautiful, then this unit would be ideal for it.
  • The unit offers plenty of space to keep necessary items and home décor pieces which means that it can be customized easily according to individual preferences.


Master Bed Room

Aesthetically beautiful and warm Master Bedroom designs can certainly increase the value of any home. This certainly applies to the warm looking bedroom design as presented here by Heinrich Kitchen and Interior.

  • The wooden bed structure is majestic and imposing enough to suit any kind of master bedroom environment. Made out of the best quality wood, it has a robust look that is well suited for all modern bedrooms.
  • The room has a wardrobe section that is designed to give the room an added sense of depth. The sliding wardrobes doors simply help to accentuate the wooden look of the whole room.


 Modular Kitchen

When it comes to choose kitchen, there is nothing like opting for a modular kitchen space. These modern kitchen hubs are easy to install and clean, and they allow people to make the best use of space.

Here is a stylish Lacquer Kitchen design that will surely meet up to the aesthetic preferences of all homeowners.

  • Here is the whole look and feel of this modular kitchen. Therefore they would perfectly suit the aesthetic sensibilities of people with keen senses and preferences.
  • The predominant colors of the lacquer kitchen are white and dark metallic grey, which creates a simple yet dynamic ambience.


 Kids Room

Your kids certainly deserve the best room for themselves as they play a very important role in the healthy growth of their minds and bodies.

Here is a beautiful Kids Bedroom design that has been designed & developed in an unisex style by Heinrich Kitchen and Interior.

  • The room has been provided with plenty of storage spaces that allow the children to keep their belongings in a neat and organized manner. The outer surfaces of the cabinets and cupboards have also been well adorned with white laminates.
  • Beautiful curtains are used for the windows that add further enchantment to the whole room.